Korba creates challenges for the local gastronomy

Korba is your place to be located at Św. Mikołaja Street in Wrocław. Here you can find unique interior design and outstanding cuisine at affordable prices. You can hide in a comfortable armchair, sit with your friends or have a cake. You can also choose to sit on a rotary bar stool and observe the life in Wrocław through the large window or the blue trams moving along the city streets. Just like in the song about Wrocław by Maria Koterbska.

Cranking crazy about food

Why did we name our restaurant Korba? (Polish for: crank) We are cranking crazy about food! This motive will also be easily found in the design, at every table. All the components were made on special order. Some of them originate from unique machines. We specifically invite you to the large table which is located in the central part of the restaurant. The table top weighs 200 kg and it can be lowered or raised, using a crank. We are also proud of our chandelier. We looked for it for a while. Do you like it too?

Breakfast just like your grandmother would prepare it

Breakfast must be traditional! We want to remind you how great millet porridge, scrambled eggs or fresh challah can taste. Just like your grandmother would prepare it. You can start your day with a group of friends, eat alone while reading the news or grab a sandwich and coffee on the way to the bus. “Salty Korba” is very popular. It features 12 components (including gravlax, poached eggs, hummus) with a basket of our bread and coffee or tea to choose from. Everything for just PLN 22.00. We also like sweet omelette. When we created this recipe, we were inspired by an apple pie. You will find pears, roasted almonds and plenty of cinnamon in the omelette (PLN 14.00).

The most interesting lunch in town

We know that you usually have breaks at work that are not longer than 30 minutes. We have been thinking for a year to come up with a formula that will allow you to eat something delicious quickly. We also wanted lunch to vary daily and not cost more than PLN 20.00, to make you feel full and to be prepared using only natural, delicious ingredients.
We do not print a lunch menu. The rule is simple: we write proposals on our board located by the bar. You choose a meal, pour the soup yourself while our chefs prepare the main course.
Every day you can choose from 6 meals – the salad, soup and lunch of the day change daily. Our chefs focus primarily on variety. One day you can eat an orange and carrot cream with a beetroot chip while another day you can have a delicious homemade pickle soup. The two-course lunch of your choice will always cost PLN 20.00. How is that possible? Our local suppliers and manufacturers fell in love with Korba and they offer friendly prices for high quality products.
But this is not all. Besides meals that change daily, we also have weekly proposals. We have divided them into three categories: vege, meat and fish. The month is always divided into four. In the first week, you can taste classic meals from international cuisine. The second theme is always lead by one seasonal ingredient, e.g. beetroot. In the third week, we offer Polish meals that are interpreted in our own way. The fourth week is a real hit – each of our chefs will present their culinary personality, one after another (there isn’t just one creator at Korba and each of them are equally as valuable). This is our idea of how you can try different flavours.

Culinary evenings with our chefs

In the evening, Korba transforms into a place where you can steal a kiss from your love, celebrate success, invite clients to an elegant dinner or have a glass of wine in peace. A waiter will greet you at the table and hand you the menu. We can share a little detail with you: our service is one of the three biggest treasures for Korba – and this is confirmed by our satisfied guests. The other two treasures are our open kitchen and exceptional design.
Evenings are certainly the favourite time of our chefs. This is when they can present their unique menus that change every two months. Currently, the menu features a classic steak or strozzapreti with octopus carpaccio, not served anywhere else in Wrocław.

Bread and wine

Korba never sleeps. Just after 3 a.m., our baker starts work on preparing fresh bread for the morning. We have looked for the right recipe for long and have finally found it! In our opinion, this bread tastes best with just butter!
Our wine menu is also interesting. Most restaurants divide wines by the country of origin and type. We focused on taste and on this basis we have divided wines originating from various, often very small suppliers.

Coffee just like in Italy

When you buy coffee in Rome or Vienna, you pay only EUR 1.00. Why should it be different at Korba? Great Italian coffee is served here for PLN 4.00 and this is not a special deal – this price applies permanently.
We also bake homemade cakes. There are no chemical additives or even baking powder. Instant pudding? No way! We prepare it ourselves using butter, egg yolk, milk and potato starch.