Breakfast has to be traditional – just how you like it: eggs, millet porridge and real sandwiches. We bake bread daily from 3 a.m. using natural sourdough and without artificial additives.


We wanted to create a place that you can visit often, for various occasions but most often simply without a reason. We are open all day. From early morning (7:27 a.m.) to late night hours. This is how Korba was established.


We want to prove that fast and cheap does not equal bad quality. Lunch varies daily but it’s always prepared with the best products. A selected meal of the day costs only PLN 22.00.


In the evenings, we invite you to try special meals prepared by our chefs. We want you to eat something delicious, different and not necessarily traditional while drinking wine. Nevertheless, we will also offer traditional cuisine.

In our menu

always fresh

Sandwiches with Korba (made with our bread)

Classic scrambled eggs made with 3 eggs, chives, bacon and served with a grilled slice of bread

Millet porridge with pumpkin and dried cranberry, puffed grains, honey and fruit

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A place to be!

we open at 7:27 a.m.

We want you to visit us daily that is why we pay large attention to prices. For a selected lunch meal you will always pay PLN 22.00, for fresh aromatic coffee: PLN 5.00 and a glass of wine: PLN 6.00. This is not a special deal! We offer these prices permanently.

Korba. Let’s meet


We bake according to our own recipes. We do everything ourselves. We don’t use any additives or even baking powder.


We offer the most interesting lunch in town. Different meals are served daily while our unique and well-thought-out ideas are changed weekly.

Coffe & Tea

We love coffee. For a long time, we searched to find just the right grade in Italy. Its aroma can be smelt at Korba from early morning.